Jane Taylor

Lenoir, NC

“I think the best thing is I can now hear the birds outside, it’s just amazing.”

How and when did you first realize you were experiencing hearing loss?

I have had loss of hearing for 10 years. I was unable to hear conversations of my family and when I was in public I could not understand other people.

Based on your experience, do you have suggestions for others on how and where to start? Any other important things for them to consider?

Don’t hesitate because of cost, hearing is the sight unseen.

What was your biggest concern about hearing aids? Did that turn out to be true?

The cost was a big factor. I was self-conscious about wearing them. That’s not a concern now.

How have hearing aids changed your life? Were there any unexpected or surprising benefits?

They have added richness to my life, understanding my family and people around me. It’s easier to communicate. I think the best thing is I can now hear the birds outside, it’s just amazing.

Has improved hearing inspired you to pursue new activities or causes? Or continue doing things you enjoy?

I feel like I can have a conversation with people now. I have been telling everyone about my new experience.

What would you tell someone who is considering hearing aids?

Get them right away.

Which ReSound Hearing Aid(s) do you have?

ReSound LiNX 3D