Trinkesh Nimsarkar

Nagpur Maharashtra, India

“Hearing aids have opened many pathways and opportunities for me, if I have not had it, I would have a different life now.”

How and when did you first realize you were experiencing hearing loss?

I have had a hearing problem from childhood and had a very terrible childhood facing this problem. It has always caused me to be bullied by the people around me. I am a strong-minded person and always faced all those things, but growing up there is also one ear problem I am starting to face. It is tinnitus and it is worse than a bad dream, you cannot sleep, you cannot be at peace in mind, and it is stressful being young in age. At 14 years old, I had an ear operation because the bones were infected, they had been taken out and those were some unforgettable days. I am good in studies, but because of my hearing problems there is always a lack of confidence. I find socializing very difficult, and I have to ask them repeatedly to speak again and it always feels weird.

Did I hesitate to seek care? Hell yes. I do not want to be bullied again, but then, at 18, my parents diagnosed me from a hearing care professional, and I had my first hearing aid.

Based on your experience, do you have suggestions for others on how and where to start? Any other important things for them to consider?

It is always better to go with hearing aids, they will help protect your ears and give you extra power to hear, understand conversations and make you feel confident. It is so hard but seek help, it will help give more power to the people who face it.

What was your biggest concern about hearing aids? Did that turn out to be true? How have hearing aids changed your life? How do they help you at your job, in your hobbies or at volunteer activities?

It is a slow process; you have to give time for adaptation. After a few months, the hearing aid provides people like me with confidence. For me hearing loss is not the biggest problem, it is tinnitus and as I am growing, the tinnitus problem is getting bigger. You cannot sleep there is always different sounds that are blinking in your head, and it is so stressful. I lost my real brother to Covid-19 and since then, tinnitus is killing me every night, but with my hearing aid, it actually is like noise cancellation. It safeguards me from tinnitus not becoming an everyday stress factor. Hearing aids have opened many pathways and opportunities for me, if I have not had it, I would have a different life now.

What would you tell someone who is considering hearing aids?

Go for it, if something has the power to change your life go for it – cheers! Go find an audiologist near you and ask/seek help for ReSound hearing aids.

Which ReSound Hearing Aid(s) do you have?

ReSound Enya

Who is your hearing care professional?

Sitaram Pradhan