Joseph Flanigan

Bonaire, GA

“Wearing them [hearing aids] does change your life. You will be amazed at what you have not been hearing.”

Tell us everything that you would care to share about your hearing loss, such as: How and when did you first realize you were experiencing hearing loss? What problems was that causing in your day-to-day life? Did you hesitate to seek care? Why or why not?

I lost hearing in my right ear in August of 1996. I was also diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease that same month. I was driving the church van with a load of teenagers to Six Flags over in Texas. In addition to the loss of hearing, I experienced vertigo for the first time. The way I talked to people changed, I had to start looking directly at people when they talked. The ringing in my ear was the hardest to cope with. The love of my life, music, suffered the most. I did not want to believe it at first, due to how young I was. After all, I was just 36 years old. But the specialist brought it home when he showed me that he has worn hearing aids since he was 3 years old.

Based on your experience, do you have suggestions for others on how and where to start? Any other important things for them to consider?

It is hard to get used to the hearing aids, but you do get into the habit. Wearing them does change your life. You will be amazed at what you have not been hearing.

What was your biggest concern about hearing aids? Did that turn out to be true?

My biggest concern about hearing aids was that they would be huge. They are for old people, which is the one thing that turned out to be true. I can enjoy listening to music again in stereo.

What would you tell someone who is considering hearing aids?

No need to buy Apple ear buds, you have the best pair money can buy.

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