Willard W.

October 2019

ReSound hearing aids have given me good service for nine years and Pittsburgh Audiology has always given me the kind of attention one expects from an audiologist. On the advice of Dr. Howard, I decided to test the technology in the new ReSound LiNX Quattro to see how it had improved during the time I’ve been wearing my hearing aids. The amplification capability of my 9-year old hearing aids was still there but I was working hard being part of the conversations in crowded restaurants, and I was missing important parts of the dialogue with my family and friends.

First, I went to the local library and looked up ReSound in Consumer Reports to see how they ranked against other hearing aids. Of all the hearing aids listed, (and there are many,) ReSound was in the top three. That, with the customer service I’ve received made it an easy decision to stay with ReSound and Pittsburgh Audiology.

What surprised me was the significant difference my new ReSound LiNX Quattro hearing aids made. I was never dissatisfied with my old ear wear. It did what it had done all those years. It amplified the sounds around me. What I didn’t expect was the clarity of those sounds, and my ability to sift out background noise. I was able to relax and hear what my friends were saying without having to lean across the table and ask people to repeat. I was myself again.