ReSound HearSay

ReSound HearSay gives people who are successfully managing their hearing loss an opportunity to lend their voice to educate and inspire others to seek care.

We’re looking for those currently benefiting from hearing aids to provide “sound advice” to people at the most critical time in their hearing journey… when they realize they might have hearing loss and begin to look for resources.

Take a few minutes to describe how you took control of your hearing loss. Your story will be posted on and shared with others.

By sharing your experience, you are helping others on their journey to better hearing.

About ReSound

At ReSound, we believe that hearing is fundamental to life. When hearing starts to decline, it’s imperative that everyone has an understanding of, and access to, the best hearing technology.

The ReSound HearSay initiative is just one effort. We’re actively working with partners in the U.S. and around the world to share technologies, services, resources, and expertise to improve hearing.

ReSound hearing aids, available from leading hearing care professionals, set worldwide standards for quality and intuitive technology sets the global standard for hearing aids.

ReSound is the leading brand for GN Hearing, a division of GN, a global company dedicated to making life sound better.  Our North American regional headquarters are located in Bloomington, Minnesota.

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